Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tagged by Counselor In Process

I got tagged by Counselor In Process.
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Six unimportant things, hmmm.
~ I have eaten peanuts or peanut butter every day for as long as I can remember. My Grandfather, Daddy Matt, worked in a peanut warehouse. (yep, I know, really southern, but there's nothing like a Virgina peanut)
~ I have to read a little bit before I fall asleep at night, which means I sometimes don't fall asleep because the book is too compelling.
~ I have multiple piercings in one earlobe, but don't wear extra earrings any more
~ I still haven't outgrown my seventh grade penchant for colored ink. Not very lawyerly, but my pink and turquoise pens amuse my opponents -- and being underestimated is almost never a bad thing.
~ I really like teenagers. I think they're funny and interesting and great company. I also like two-year-olds. Thirteen-month-olds are the only kids I don't enjoy. The poor little munchkins can't walk or talk, but they know enough to really want to, so they spend their time frustrated and falling down.
~ I have three last names. No, not like a soap opera diva. In real life, my first name, middle name and last name are all surnames -- my mother's maiden name, my grandmother's maiden name, and mine. It's another southern thing. The girls I grew up with had names like Randall, Ridgely, Ramsay and Cooper. And the kids named Madison, Ashley, and Courtney were christened with their mothers' and grandmothers' surnames. It's a tradition I'm glad has spread beyond the south.

I tag Garden Girl and NJGrits because they never post anymore. I also tag Songbird and anyone else who wants to play. P.S. None of you are random.


Barbara B. said...

peanut butter is GREAT... and so are teenagers! :)

Jan said...

I love peanut butter, too. My daughter introduced me to peanut butter (natural, always) on white cheddar rice cakes. Ooooh, I like that. Fun to read about you.

Rev Dr Mom said...

I like peanut butter a lot, too, but it has to be natural peanut butter.

And I love pens with colored ink.

NJGrits said...

Hi - I enjoyed reading about your quirks:) I can't figure out how to tag you back, so read mine. xo b