Wednesday, June 13, 2007

8 Random Facts About Ruby

Songbird tagged me for 8 Random Things. Thanks Songbird!
1. My nostrils wiggle when I laugh.
2. I wear sweater sets all year round.

3. I'm a cradle Episcopalian, but I won the Talmudic Scholar Award in law school.
4. I drink between 12 and 15 Diet Cokes a day. I keep a warm one on my bedside table--just in case.
5. I TiVo Oprah and watch it every night.
6. My four children, ages 7 - 21, still snuggle in the bed with me (sometimes all at the same time.)
7. I never remember to bring a camera.
8. Some of my best friends are Republicans.


RevGalBlogPals said...

Not this friend!
I love your facts. (((ruby)))

PPB said...

oh my goodness, how did i not know you when i lived in your state? i drink 10-12 DCs a day and take all sorts of GRIEF for it!I also wear sweater sets a lot and get GRIEF for that too (I get told I look like a republican.) We could have totally had a sweater set wearing, Diet Coke drinking, no sales tax party!

Ruby said...

ppb, I can't believe we didn't meet!
P.S. Maybe the RevGalPals meetup will come to the beach in the land of tax free shopping!

Songbird said...

That was totally me yesterday.