Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Five: Gifts and Talents

From Sally over at RevGalBlogPals:
Our Circuit (Methodist) is having a "Gifts and talents day" tomorrow- we have a minister visiting from another circuit who has modified the Myers Briggs personality test and added a few things of his own to run a day where we get to look at ourselves in the light of giftings and of the whole church. The idea is to encourage everyone with the news that there is room for you in the ministry of the church- and perhaps to discover where that ministry might be.....

It should be an interesting day, and one where I hope people will leave feeling encouraged and challenged...

So with gifts and talents in mind here is todays Friday 5;

1. Personality tests; love them or hate them?
I've loved them since I was old enough to read Teen and Tiger Beat, but I don't take them too seriously. Confession: I am weirdly superstitious about horoscopes and fortune-telling and would never, ever go to a psychic.

2. Would you describe yourself as practical, creative, intellectual or a mixture ?
I don't know. Does anyone know of a test I can take?

3. It is said that everyone has their 15 minutes of fame; have you had yours yet? If so what was it, if not dream away what would you like it to be?
I haven't had my 15 minutes of fame, but I've been a guest on the Jim and Tammy Show (that's Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker) and our family was on Trading Spaces. I frequently have my picture in the paper, but that's about work, not about me.
My fantasy? I'd like to be a talk show host and get to learn about new people every day.

4. If you were given a 2 year sabbatical ( oh the dream of it) to create something would it be music, literature, art.....something completely different...share your dream with us...
Podcasting. I'd like to interview all my heroes and have them tell their stories to the world. The coolest part: some of my heroes don't even know they are heroes. How fun would it be to call them up and invite them to appear on "Ruby's Hero Show?" Some of you are my heroes and don't know it yet. Wouldn't you like to get a call?

5. Describe a talent you would like to develop, but that seems completely beyond you.
I am not an athlete and never have been. In ten years at the same school, I never once won "Athlete of the Week" and there were only 35 girls in my class. This was before schools worked so hard to enhance self-esteem, and the faculty thought it was just fine that the little Oscar-like trophy went home with the same four or five people week after week. I'm over it. Really. But, it would be fun to be strong, fast and competitive.

Bonus question: Back to the church- what does every member ministry mean to you? Is it truly possible to encourage/ implement?
Maybe if we invite enough people to appear on your local version of "Ruby's Hero Show" they'll understand how awesomely beautiful and gifted they are and they'll start being all God created them to be.


Diane said...

interesting! I like Ruby's hero show! (and also your profile indicates an interesting life)

Michelle said...

I think you should just start podcasting...never mind the sabbatical! It would be fascinating. It's not just need a mike and your computer!

Thanks for the encouragement about drawing...I'm headed off for a week and a bit of silence next weekend and there's a lovely art space there, so maybe I'll see how much more patience I have after a 1/2 century.

And I promise to bring you back a bucket of silence!

RevDrKate said...

Great play, love your hero show idea. Thanks for visiting over atmy place.

Songbird said...

I would love to see that episode of Trading Spaces!

Rev Dr Mom said...

What Songbird said!

hipchickmamma said...

wow! great play!

i'm so jealous about the trading spaces appearance! i'd love to hear about your experience with it. it always looks so fun!

i too love the ruby hero show--beautiful idea!

Barbara B. said...

I just discovered your site! Cool blog -- I'll be back to visit! :)

Sally said...

excellent play- wish I'd caught up with you sooner- love the pod-casting idea
welcome to revgals :-)

Kievas said...

Great idea for a talk show. You could tape it and then vidcast it!

Gannet Girl said...

Ruby, I'm so glad you joined RGBP!

Blogger said...

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