Saturday, July 7, 2007

Friday Five: Hasty Edition

Reverendmother posted this Friday Five over at RevGalBlogPals :

Whoops! I have been in a family-induced haze these few days, with the July 4 holiday and taking time off while relatives are visiting. So I literally lost track of what day it was!
So rather than make you guys wait even one minute longer for the five, I'll dig up an oldie:

Today, what are you:

1. Wearing - summer nightie. It's Saturday morning, and I thought I'd missed the Friday Five. Thanks for posting, ReverendMother.

2. Reading - A Twist of the Wrist by Nancy Silverton (a cookbook by the founder of the La Brea Bakery); just finished The Not So Big Life by Sarah Susanka (not nearly as satisfying as The Not So Big House, her treatise on architecture); next up, our family summer reading book, The Brothers Karamazov.

3. Eating - Diet Coke, breakfast of champions, but in a minute I'll have the same breakfast I eat every day: Weetabix with 1% milk and Splenda

4. Doing - snuggling on the sofa with my seven-year-old son, while he watches The Fairly Odd Parents, which I secretly enjoy because it's so subversive. My favorite character? Jorgen Von Strangle, toughest fairy in the universe and dead ringer for Arnold Schwarzenegger. You're never too old for Saturday morning cartoons.

5. Pondering - paint colors, because (hooray!) the painter arrives Monday AM


Barbara B. said...

Now I'm going to have to tune into "The Fairly Odd Parents" and see what I've been missing!!

Diane said...

great friday five. Never heard of "the fairly odd parents" but I too will have to check it out. also impressed by the family read, "the brothers Karamazov." wow

Jan said...

I like the thought of snuggling with your 7 year old. My kids are too old for me to know about "The Fairly Odd Parents." I doubt that my youngest, 17 year old MJ, knows about Saturday morning cartoons, as she is never awake to see any!

Songbird said...

You have better nerves than I do. I find I just can't be in the room with cartoons anymore. A big change from the days when I watched them all.the.time with #1 Son.