Friday, April 4, 2008

Friends Who Write Books

Marisa's new book came out on April 1. I went to her reading at our local bookstore; it's fun to be a fan when it's your friend who's the star.

I'm reading it, liking it, and feeling proud.


Songbird said...

I didn't know you knew her; how exciting! I really enjoyed "Love Walked In," and there is a huge display of both at the Borders here.

Barbara B. said...

Geez, how cool is that?!

Diane said...

oh, I saw this! it is cool! big display at the Barnes & Noble

will smama said...

You know, if you are going to be both smart as a whip AND gorgeous you could at least stop being so nice and supportive of others. I mean, really, it makes it nearly impossible to not like you.


Mary Beth said...

Cool! Can't wait to read both.