Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Still Floating

I'm back from the RevGals Big Event, but I am still floating. Thank you, each of you who were there on the aft deck, for warm conversation, laughter, deep honesty, and total acceptance. Thank you, each of you who were at home, for keeping the fires burning and for allowing me to leave without worry or guilt -- well, not too much worry and guilt, anyway, and what there was came from me, not from you. The lessons of our time together at the RevGal BE will continue to make themselves known some time to come.

First, thanks for the swag, ladies. I am festooned with jewels -- my beautiful BE bracelet and heart necklace can make an appearance at the office, as can the felt mouse and Ticonderoga #2 pencils. The mardi gras beads, however, will have to stay home. An Anglican Rosary rests on my desk at home and at work. There is a place for each of the gifts chosen so that I will come across it as I go through my day. Unfortunately, the Fun and Sail Card and its nifty holder had to be removed from my car; they won't give me a Pina Colada at the local drive-thru and it just made me too sad. The nifty holder now holds my parking lot pass.

Our wonderful retreat leader, Mary Marcotte, gave us "words to walk" during our retreat. My word was hope, and I have continued to walk with it at home. On the ship, my focus was on what hope meant, and how I lived with hope or brought hope or found hope or had hope for others or myself. As I have walked it these last couple of days, I realized that while we were aboard ship together, I felt hope. Hope has been far away recently, but thanks to the women at the Big Event, I walk in hope.

Here are a few things I learned (or re-learned) on the trip:
  • Make new friends and keep the old.
  • For better or worse, sometimes we're 12.
  • Geo-caching is a source of profound joy.
  • Red state, blue state? Who cares, really?
  • The Lido deck is not just a state of mind. It's a real place.
  • Temporary tattoos don't hurt; they're not permanent; but they might mark you forever.
  • I've never slept as well on dry land as I did on that boat.
So, my word was hope, and hope is in my heart. While we were together on the last night, I told the group that I had a hope for each of them, and I will share those in a future post. Stay tuned.


Ruby said...

OK, I'm a dope and didn't hit "post" when I finished writing this. Sorry guys!

RevDrKate said...

Second time today....crying at work cuz I'm reading these BE posts. Good, good memories from one of those things I am so glad I said yes to.

Songbird said...

So glad to hear your thoughts. One is silver and the other's gold, that's for certain. (((Ruby)))

DogBlogger said...


Hope, hope, hope. Yes, I felt it, too. Praying to feel it again for the next few weeks (why does the upcoming General Conference, themed "A Future With Hope," fill me with the opposite?).

Blessings to you!

Quotidian Grace said...

The word "hope" certainly fits your positive personality. Cheers!

Mary Beth said...

Aren't I lucky I got to meet you!

Blessings everywhere.

zorra said...

Yay! This post made me smile. Have a wonderful hope-full weekend.

The Vicar of Hogsmeade said...

you got it right: temporary tattoos may mark you forever

geocaching??? maybe I should check that out

Diane said...

geo-caching. I am SOOO out of the loop.

Gracebythesea said...

Ruby, you were a treat to meet and thanks for bringing all of your self. Bu tthe "Champers" was a lovely much appreciated finish on the last eve.

Kathryn said...

Finally finding space enough to blog surf a little..Love you....that's all, really. And thanks so much for being there and being you xxx