Monday, April 7, 2008

Ladies, We can Make Our Own RGBP Tattoos!

From one of my favorite design websites, SwissMiss --

Inkjet tattoo paper


Tattoo yourself - or the kids - with no pain and the added bonus of being able to scrub it off with hot soapy water. These decal papers enable you to use your inkjet printer to print 'tattoos' that look just like the real thing - from your own customised designs. They take minutes to do and, if left unscrubbed, will last up to a week. Why not ring the changes and create different tattoos for different occasions?

The tattoo sheets come in twos: one printable A4 sheet and one adhesive film. The process is quick and easy as well as painless (even if you have sensitive skin, as the 'tattoos' are water-based and non-toxic.) See the step-by-step guide for precise directions or download the instructions sheet. First print your tattoo onto the printable sheet (remembering to reverse your image/text - your computer will enable you to do this). Then transfer the image onto the adhesive sheet and apply it to the skin. Peel off the adhesive film - and it's done.

Here's a US reseller.


Songbird said...

I want that!
My BE tattoo came off in the shower this morning, and I was sad.

will smama said...

NOW you tell me!

Rev. Sweet said...

Ha! Well if there is a custom tatoo, may I suggest one that says BE! what a hoot!

Mary Beth said...

OMG! I am SO getting this! Today! This is just the little leaven for the spirit I was needing.


Sally said...

I love these... might practice before I get a real tat!!!

Gracebythesea said...

Leave it you Ruby to be our tat resource-thanks!

mid-life rookie said...

How cool is this! WS - I still think hesed is worth making permanent. I can't wait! G&T actually commented on mine earlier this week (for the first time). We are getting back on even keel after a rough homecoming. I think he might like the idea. I'll have to go design hunting. Now... where to put it??????

Barbara said...

I am definitely going to try this! Exxxcellent!